How to Treat Hemorrhoids with Natural Garlic

How to Treat Hemorrhoids with Natural Garlic

Hemorrhoids are a type of disease that occurs when the edges of the anus are swollen. If it has reached the upper or severe stage, it usually will come out blood from the anus. The first symptom of hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids is a small bump in the area around the anus. Usually if not treated immediately it can get bigger and bleeding. For that, if you experience hemorrhoids, it should be treated immediately before the hemorrhoids reach an advanced stage and get worse.

Causes of Hemorrhoid Disease

Here are some factors causing hemorrhoid disease, including:

1. Having difficulty in defecation

Difficulty in bowel movements can cause the appearance of hemorrhoid. This is usually caused by a lack of fibrous food intake and drinking water, so hemorrhoids are even easier to appear.

2. Sitting Too Long

The next cause of the hemorrhoid is sitting too long. Because sitting too long causes widening in the edge of the anus, so it can lead to the appearance of a lump around the anus.

3. Unhealthy Diet

The appearance of hemorrhoids is also caused by irregular and unhealthy eating patterns. Usually the food causes of hemorrhoids, including less fiber diet. Because this food makes us difficult to defecate. In addition, poor digestion can trigger the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

4. Lack of Water Intake

Less water intake can cause hemorrhoids, because less fluid in the body makes the digestive process will be blocked, especially in the intestinal area.

Types of Hemorrhoid

1. Internal Hemorrhoids

Usually internal hemorrhoids arise in the absence of pain marked by bleeding in the rectum of bright red color either during or after bowel movements. Usually the stool is covered by blood and sometimes attached to toilet paper.

2. External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids usually feel painful, but they generally disappear for 2-3 days. But unfortunately the swelling of the anus takes several weeks to completely disappear. However, major hemorrhoids can cause irritation in the anal area.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids with Garlic

Many people are reluctant to treat hemorrhoids, because most think that hemorrhoids can be cured by surgery. But you need not worry, because now there are ways to treat hemorrhoids with garlic naturally. Garlic can overcome the hemorrhoids, simply by smeared.

The trick is very easy, take 1 or 2 cloves of garlic then mash until smooth and mix hot water and stir until evenly distributed. Then prepare a filter or a soft cloth, then strain the garlic water. Apply on the lump hemorrhoids every day after a bowel movement, because usually a hemorrhoid lump will come out after bowel movements.

You can apply the ingredients every day and then add to drinking water regularly, so hemorrhoids will slowly shrink and disappear. You need to know, to treat hemorrhoids in this way should be done regularly, if not regularly certainly do not expect your hemorrhoids to recover completely.

Efficacy of garlic to treat hemorrhoids such as can be used as a suppositories that can eliminate hemorrhoids, strengthen blood vessels, kill germs in the area of the rectum, and reduce inflammation in the skin.

Garlic is also an anti-inflammatory agent to soothe inflamed parts on the inside as well as around the anus. Garlic can clear the intestinal tract, relieve the discomfort in the abdomen, and help speed up the recovery process of damaged walls in the blood vessels. In addition to how to treat hemorrhoids with garlic in a way of application above, you can also consume garlic to reduce irritation, itching and pain due to hemorrhoids.

Here are the Meaning of 7 Tongue Colors for Your Health

Here are the Meaning of 7 Tongue Colors for Your Health

Have you ever wondered when the doctor told you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue? Doctors actually want to know the color of your tongue when you are sick. Apparently the color of the tongue can be an indicator of health conditions.

The tongue is composed of muscles rich in blood vessels, so when your tongue changes texture, moisture, and color, it indicates a certain health problem. So, the tongue is one of the detection of disease in the body. In fact, long before the introduction of modern medicine, the ancient Chinese knew this health fact.
A healthy tongue is generally pink. Only a few have a red-and-white geometric tongue. Under normal conditions, the tongue that has a lot of blood vessels and always wet by saliva, will remain clean so as to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria.

Meaning of 7 Tongue Colors for Your Health

Although in general the color of the tongue is pink, the existence of health problems can change the color to red, purple, yellow, black, brown, or white.

Here’s the meaning of tongue color to the health condition of the body.

1. Red-colored tongue

When the body temperature soars, the papilla will swell so that the tongue looks red. These color changes may also be caused by dengue fever, folate deficiency, vitamin B3 and B12 deficiency, or due to Kawasaki syndrome.

To overcome this disorder, adequate daily nutrition is needed by the body. However, tongue changes are accompanied by pain and swelling, making it difficult to eat or talk perhaps as a sign of glossitis, which is inflammation due to infection, dehydration, allergic reactions, and others. Check with your doctor to confirm your condition.

2. The Purple Tongue

Eating cold foods can cause the tongue to become purple. However, the purple color of the tongue can also indicate the presence of chronic bronchitis as well as high cholesterol levels. To overcome this problem, multiply eating garlic and ginger.

Purple tongue also indicates the occurrence of fever and blood circulation is not smooth. If the color purple evenly on the tongue, then show the internal organs experiencing excessive heat. Perhaps this change is due to liver disease.

3. Yellow tongue

The yellow color on the tongue may indicate the formation of yeast or bacterial infection. If the color is mixed with green, then the bacterial infection has been severe. In general, the yellow color on the tongue is an indication of excessive body heat. The most common causative factors are nicotine, spicy foods, or the effects of protracted stress.

5. Blue tongue

The blue color on the tongue arises as a result of cold blood or very slow flow. When the blue color is mixed with purple, it means the bad condition is getting worse.

6. Black Tongue

Be alert when tongue color turns black. These color changes can be triggered by symptoms of diabetes, poor use of antibiotics, or poor oral hygiene. The lighter possibility is the bacteria trapped on the tongue, causing black spots.

7. White Spots On Tongue

The cause of the tongue for having white patches are canker sores, dehydration, oral fungal infections, or leukoplakia (surface cells of the tongue grow in excess). Drink plenty of water and keep your oral hygiene, to overcome this problem.

White tongue is also often a sign of symptoms of typhus, flu, gastrointestinal disturbances, or anemia. If white patches are not thick, the body shows a lack of blood.

The color is pale and arising layers of fat, meaning the body experiences cold or flu symptoms. Beware of thick white patches, this condition may be due to reproductive disorders. If white patches do not disappear for 2 weeks, consult a doctor immediately.

White patches that do not disappear for more than a month can indicate a dangerous cancer. For more information please visit how to get rid of white tongue

That is the meaning of 7 tongue color to health condition. Learn and recognize these signs early, to prevent various unwanted health problems. Hopefully useful for all readers.